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About The Gold Coast

Known for its holiday atmosphere and immaculate beaches, the Gold Coast is one of Brisbane’s most recognisable and attractive locations. Widely regarded as a holiday destination for travellers, the Gold Coast accommodates for all with a mixture of world class high-rise apartments nestled in between old beach style housing and modernised suburbs accommodating for many families. With an abundance of lifestyle activities, to gold coast is an entertainment hub offering up more than just the theme parks, with numerous fine dining restaurants and world class nightlife venues on offer.

Major infrastructure developments such as the Light Rail, Coomera Town Centre, The Cultural Precinct and numerous new apartment buildings will be key growth factors moving forward. Employment opportunities on the Gold Coast are expected to surge in the coming years with forecasts projecting that by 2036 a total of 111,984 jobs will be evident, an increase of over 48,000 jobs. The drastic changes to the area will mean total population will also be on the rise. Population projections indicate a total population of 211,541 by 2036 an increase of just over 99,000 new residents.

Source: Urbis