East Brisbane

Comprising key suburbs such as Woolloongabba, Bulimba, Hamilton and out to bayside Manly

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About East Brisbane

The suburbs of East Brisbane offer a unique mix of village style living with modern sophistication. Bulimba is home to classic old-style cinemas and art galleries mixed in between beautifully renovated Queenslander style homes. The area is known for its eclectic boutiques, chic cafes, family friendly streets and parklands. Further away from the central business district, the eastern suburbs transform into a quiet family friendly village like atmosphere. The Manly harbour displays pristine waterways and islands with direct access to the renowned Moreton Bay marine park.

Major developments to East Brisbane including South City Square (under construction) and the Bulimba Barracks (future development site) will be key drivers of growth for this area. Employment opportunities for East Brisbane are forecasted to grow more than 9,000 jobs by 2036. These expected employment opportunities are likely to drive population within the area. Population predictions expect an increase of 14,349 residents between 2018 and 2036, giving the area a total population of 55,030 residents.

Source: Urbis

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